Geared towards
inclusive & disruptive
digital solutions
21 - 22
September 2022

2022 Digital Shift BW Enterprise Summit

Welcome to the second edition of Digital Shift BW Enterprise Summit, powered by BTC. This experience is an interactive hybrid event aimed at sharing the wide range of possibilities available to all Batswana through digital transformation. BTC uses the platform to unpack advances in game changing technologies through visionary thought leadership, real world case studies and live engagement, with a broad cross section of experts from the technology, digital and innovation space.

The Digital Shift BW Enterprise Summit highlights BTC's pivotal role in the evolution of the telecommunications industry in Botswana. Our contribution spans over 42 years of enabling Batswana to live connected. It is against this background that we continue to drive the national digital agenda through such platforms that are geared towards building and encouraging unconventional thinking, innovation, creative expression and digital readiness.

With the rise of an information society, Big Data, Virtualisation, Robotics, IoT and smart things, as BTC, we are truly privileged to set the next value frontiers of tomorrow's generation. Join us to gain the insights, guidance and valuable connections your business needs now for the new normal.


Anthony Masunga
BTC Managing Director




September 21-22, 2022

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