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Digital Shift BW

Digital Shift BW is an interactive virtual event from BTC aimed at sharing the wide range of possibilities available to all Botswana through digital transformation. BTC will use the platform to unpack advances in game-changing technologies through visionary thought leadership, real-world case studies and live engagement with a broad cross section of experts from the technology, digital and innovation space.




September 21-22, 2022

Summit Key Technologies


The backbone of technology connected to the internet and supports digital services which address various industries according to their dynamic needs.


The next level in connectivity where technology is empowered to do more, do it faster and make a bigger impact across the connectivity spectrum.


Access to cloud services creates an inclusive secure digital space for remote collaboration, while freeing resources to address key challenges in a rapidly changing business climate.

Fintech and Blockchain

Innovations that have grown into a stand-alone technology sector that supports key elements of the financial services industry in a digital landscape.


The bridge between digitalization and connectivity which supports increased efficiencies and productivity.

Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Managing, understanding and processing ever increasing amounts of data efficiently and effectively has become simpler in a world where data is being generated every day.

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